7 Ultimate Design Tools For Creating Infographics

Are you a small business owner who wishes to promote products or services by using infographics? Infographics will help your viewers grasp your business data quickly.Your viewers may also share your infographics on varied social platforms. But a majority of small businesses cannot afford expensive fees of professional infographic designers.

Still, they can benefit from the web-based design tools that allow for easy crafting of infographics. These tools do not require any skills from the users. Just use the templates or drag and drop the selected shapes to customize your infographic theme.

Here is a list of the infographics design tools that everyone can use easily.


Giffy is a useful site for the business owners who wish to create infographics every time without mastering the skills. You can create professional diagrams quickly without intuitive interface. It is surely a great site to create flowcharts, UML diagrams, wireframes, network diagrams, Org charts, technical drawings and sitemaps.

You can start creating infographics as you just drag and drop shapes from the site’s library.


This is another handy online site that helps you in creating infographics quickly. All you need to do is to enter your business data and information. It will then create images that you can edit and post through social media share buttons. The site’s about us page says, ‘ is an easy app for creating infographics on the web. You can build real-time, interactive, beautiful, shareable, embeddable and downloadable infographics using more than 30 chart types, text objects, videos, images and maps.’’



Piktochart allows you to create theme based infographics in quick time. As a first step, preview and pick themes from the site’s gallery. There are over 100 categorized themes. Then, you can customize your infographics by use of the editing tools. The site has over 1000 images that you can use for your infographics. You can share your infographics with the world at the site.



You may be in need of some symbolic images that match with what you are saying in your infographics. This site has a collection of hundreds of symbols that express a given thought. As you enter your search topic, the site returns with different results of images. You have thus many choices to make from the images and fit them into the right places of your infographics design.


Vennage(source  Vennage)

This online site is also a great help to the small businesses when they wish to create effective infographics to convey their message. You can choose a theme and work on it by incorporating your images etc to illustrate the data. The site has themes on varied topics. You can create and animate and publish the data.


This is another site where you can easily create simple charts. You are required to fill some information regarding that you want to seen in the chart. Once the information is available, the site gives you the chart with a choice of your formatting. You can also choose the colors for the infographics.


This site makes infographic design a lot easy. You need to drag a theme out of many given on the site to your document. There are many figures that you can drag on the documents in the process of creating a design. This free –web-based tool helps you in creating the design by choosing one of the infographics templates. You can then customize them by dragging various other symbols and images from the site’s library. There are charts, text, shapes, backgrounds and many more to choose from while designing your infographics.

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