The Science of Creating Highly Shareable Infographics [Infographic]

Cool topic? Check. Compelling research? Check. Accurate data? Check, check.

When you’re sitting down create an infographic, it’s never a good idea to just jump in, translate all that research into bite-sized pieces one after the other, and hope people like it. Infographics don’t just randomly become popular — there’s a science to it.

So, what’s the secret? Thanks to the folks at Siege Media, we have a much better idea. Using BuzzSumo, they analyzed the 1,000 most-shared infographics in the past year to weed out the common characteristics of the most popular ones.

Their analysis covered color scheme, word count, length (in pixels), and other cool findings — like the social networks on which infographics about certain topics perform best. They found that infographics on the topic of health performed best on Facebook and Pinterest, while infographics about social media and business performed best on Twitter and LinkedIn.

To learn more about the science of the most popular infographics, check out the infographic below from Siege Media. You can refer to these results to create a data-driven strategy for your own infographics. (For even more inspiration, check out this list of the best infographics of the year.)


Πηγή – Source: http://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/popular-infographics-science


7 Best Photo Editing Software for Your Budget and Needs

We expect graphic designers to know and use Photoshop well but it is important to know that Photoshop is not the only photo editor available for designers. In fact, there are dozens of efficient alternatives to Photoshop.

Here, we give you a list of some of the best photo editing software that you can get free of cost or buy applications for online or offline use.

1. Photoshop CC
Photoshop CC - Photo Editing SoftwarePlatform: Windows/Mac
Price: From $29.99/£17.58 per month

There is no doubt that Photoshop CC is the best among the lot. It is a hugely impressive photo editing application. But it comes with a high cost for the users. The software is available solely via the Creative Cloud subscription service. It is loaded with too many useful features including editable rounded rectangle, better 3D tools, CSS from layers, color import from web files, improved type styles, intelligent upsampling, save to clouds, smart sharpen and many more.

2. Serif PhotoPlus X6

PhotoPlus_X6- Photoshop CC - Photo Editing SoftwarePlatform: Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP
Price: $89.99/£71.48

This software tries to replicate the tools from Photoshop for different PCs. While Photoshop CC is useful for Windows and Mac, you can use Serif PhotoPlus X6 with Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP. An advantage for the users is that the tool is available at lower price. Quality of the design will depend on the efficiency of the designer.

3. Photoshop Touch
Photoshop Touch- Photoshop CC - Photo Editing SoftwarePlatform: iOS, Android
Price: $4.99/£2.99 (mobile); $9.99/£6.99 (tablet)

Photoshop Touch is another addition to the growing Photoshop family. This software can be used for Apple and Android smartphones. It carries features of Adobe’s desktop app. The designers can delightfully access features such as layers and adjustments for smartphones. You can use 29 fonts to add text to your photos.

4. Pixlr
Pixlr-  Photo Editing SoftwarePlatform: iOS, Android
Price: Free

Pixlr has more than 600 effects, overlays and borders. It claims to be “the most popular online photo editor in the world.” For those who are addicted to Photoshop, Pixlr’s interface would prove to be an easy alternative.

5. Acorn
Acorn- Photo Editing SoftwarePlatform: Mac
Price: $49.99/£34.99

Acorn is an affordable image editing software that both the hobbyists and artists can rely on for quality work. The software allows you access to features such as blending modes, curves and levels, layer styles, non-destructive filters, curves and levels and much more. Its latest version Acorn 4 comes with faster speed and an enhanced UI.

6. Aperture
Aperture- Photo Editing SoftwarePlatform: Mac
Price: $79.99/£54.99

For photographers with a small budget, Aperture is an excellent replacement for costly software. The software has most of the features available with Adobe’s image editing software. But the software lacks in features such as 3D, web and animation, implying that it is useful only to average photographers. You can refine images with adjustment and enhancement tools.

7. Sumopaint

Sumo Paint- Photo Editing Software

Platform: Web browser
Price: Free for basic online version, $19 for offline app

Sumopaint is an efficient browser-based image editor with the features from a desktop tool. You can have a free online version or buy it for offline use. But you have to install Adobe Flash Player to use this tool. A wide range of tools including pencils, shapes, text, brushes, gradients etc are available with this software. But the software lacks color models and the editor is limited to use of RGB only.

Source = Πηγή: http://www.designhill.com/



Infographics aren’t new. And certainly, interactive ones aren’t either—but with the launch of recent data-driven news sites such as Vox, Fivethirtyeight and The Upshot, they’re becoming more popular.
And since viewers are seeing those infographics on tablets, phones and desktops, building those graphics in HTML5 is the way to go—it’s likely the way your clients and co-workers will ask you to build!

And since viewers are seeing those infographics on tablets, phones and desktops, building those graphics in HTML5 is the way to go—it’s likely the way your clients and co-workers will ask you to build!


A map of baseball fans by The Upshot

Here are three ways to make sure your HTML5-based interactive infographics break through the clutter.


Before you even think about the technology, it’s important to think about the graphic from the point of view of a viewer. While HTML5 gives you an entirely new medium for presenting the story of your data, it doesn’t automatically give purpose or narrative to the piece.

It’s obvious when a project was slapped together last minute, without any regard to usability or quality. How do you avoid doing that work? I like employing the “FIRED” method—an easy way to remember to think critically before you start using the latest in CSS tricks to make an interactive map:

  • Fresh – How will your design stand out from the crowd?
  • Informative – Are you presenting accurate and intriguing facts?
  • Relevant – Does your information tell a harmonious story?
  • Entertaining – Is the viewer drawn in and excited to be a part of your story?
  • Different – Is your infographic new? Has it been done before?

Asking these questions will help you map out the objectives of your page and how you want your message to resonate with your audience. Ultimately your final product should frame your idea in a clear and palatable manner. Be creative, yes, but also be disciplined. The graphical art is what should draw the reader in, but the data presented needs to be succinct; don’t let the medium overtake the message. A successful infographic draws your audience in for more and is easy to digest.


Adobe Edge Animate is an HTML5 animation tool that allows you to add motion to web graphics, enabling you to extend your custom designs with interactivity and movement. It also integrates with other creative tools to offer a seamless bridge between design and HTML as you create for the web. There are some really great templates and samples on the showcasepage to get you started. If you want to go a level deeper and add elements like click-and-touch draggable scrubbers, here is a tutorial with assets to get you started.

You can also weave in interactive graphics that leverage the latest browser updates to CSS and HTML5 to make some pretty fancy effects. CSS Shapes is in its last stages of specification; check it out (Github repo here).


The evolution of the Web infographic.


An infographic is nothing without powerful data sources and the tools to illustrate them.

Data sources can vary—whether it’s your own research or your client’s. There’s also a good list on Quora of publicly available datasets that can give you some good raw data to play with. 

Some of my favorite infographic services, (which provide all HTML5 products, of course) for collecting and evaluating your data are:

  • Piktochart — a free service (with a paid pro option) offering a wide range of customizable themes with a slick data importing utility.
  • infogr.am — a free service (with paid a paid pro option) offering templates, spreadsheets and other utilities to build out visual graphs.
  • visual.ly — a graphics community. While the price point of visual.ly can seem a bit steep (they’ll make you an infographic based on a creative brief starting at $999) their community is haven of inspiration when looking to start your own infographic project.

And if you’re especially ambitious and looking to really deep dive into the greater field of data science, there are a ton of resources online on the subject. There are MOOCs like this datascience course from the University of Washington.


Συντάκτης: BY SARAH HUNT

Σύνδεσμος: http://www.webdesignerdepot.com/

Piktochart – Infographics χωρίς εξειδικευμένες γνώσεις.

Η αλήθεια είναι πως ένα infographic μπορεί να δώσει άλλο αέρα στο blog ή την ιστοσελίδα σου. Αν πάλι μοιράζεσαι πληροφορίες με τους followers σου στο Twitter ή το Facebook, μια καλοφτιαγμένη εικόνα κάνει τα πάντα ευανάγνωστα και λιγότερο κουραστικά.

Επειδή, όμως, είναι λογικό να μην έχεις καμία επαφή με τις εξειδικευμένες εφαρμογές που συνήθως χρησιμοποιούν οι γραφίστες, ρίξε μια ματιά στο Piktochart (www.piktochart.com).

Στη δωρεάν συνδρομή υπάρχουν περιορισμοί, αλλά θα πάρεις μια καλή ιδέα της υπηρεσίας.

BeFunky – Βασική επεξεργασία εικόνας για χρήση στα social media -και όχι μόνο

Για κάποιο περίεργο λόγο, οι εικόνες με βαρύγδουπα συμπεράσματα για τη ζωή, γνωμικά και έξυπνες (αλλά πραγματικά έξυπνες) ατάκες είναι εξαιρετικά ελκυστικές στον χώρο των social media. Αντί όμως να αποθηκεύεις και να κάνεις post σε ανύποπτο χρόνο έτοιμες εικόνες που βρίσκεις σε σελίδες του Facebook -πολλές φορές χαμηλής αισθητικής- μήπως να έφτιαχνες τις δικές σου; Το BeFunky (www.befunky.com) είναι μια εύχρηστη και δωρεάν εφαρμογή επεξεργασίας εικόνας με δυνατότητα προσθήκης κειμένου που θα σου λύσει τα χέρια.

Σύνδεσμος: http://www.itech4u.gr